Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I download the CIOview Player?

A. To download the newest version of the player click here (Please note the CIOview Player requires .NET 2.0)

Q. I have installed and registered the CIOview Player. How do I get access to TCOnow! modules?

A. Launch the Player and select “Browse for available content modules.” Choose the module you want to use for your analysis, and click “Install.”

Q. I’m new to TCOnow! Any tips on getting started?

A. You can start a new project, by clicking File, New. You can also save a project (it will end in *.cioproject) and work on it later, email it to someone else, or open it later to work on it again.

  • For navigating through the project, we suggest you click the animated green arrows in the upper right hand corner. You can also switch from tab to tab, but it is better to undertake a project sequentially and make sure you do not miss a page by using the green arrows.
  • There are “helpful hints” – many of them are dynamic – under the question marks which can be useful if you have a question.
  • The worksheet links, under the “Details” column to the right hand side of many questions, bring you to greater detail about the question associated with it. There is a lot of information in those details pages and providing empirical information will increase the accuracy of your performance and TCO analysis!
  • Every “answer” has a default. If you do not know a specific answer, keep the default so that you can progress in your analysis. You can always go back and update it.
  • If you change a default answer, the font shows as bold. You can right-click on the cell in question to return to the default if you wish.

Q. I did not receive an email to confirm registration.

A. First, simply check you junk mail folder for the email. If it is not there, try to open the CIOview Player anyway. If neither simple step works, email support and we will get back to you quickly.

Q. I am a licensed user for the TCOnow! for Disk. My computer recently changed (due to hardware failure) and thus it seems I need a new license key. What should I do?

A. Each license is specified to an individual and a specific computer. Therefore, you need to re-register with your new computer. Open the Player and choose ‘Help | Register’ from the main menu. Re-register your PC with its new hardware configuration. Then, you should be able to download and install TCOnow! modules as usual.

Q. I know my company has a “group license” for TCOnow! products. How can I get access to them?

  1. Download the CIOview Player here:
  2. Install and register the CIOview Player using your business email address.
  3. Launch the CIOview Player, then select "Browse for Available Content Modules." TCOnow! modules for which you have a “group license” should be available to you to download at no charge.

Q. Can I just copy over my license to my new PC?

A. The CIOview Player is licensed per PC -- you need a separate license for each PC that you use. Although the CIOview Player license is free, it is not transferable from one PC to another. When you copy your old license to your new PC, because that license was not issued for your new machine, it will not work. To fix this issue:

  1. Search for all instances of "player.license.xml" and "0_player.license.xml" and delete them.
  2. Launch the CIOview Player on your new PC and register, using your business email address.

Q. When downloading a content module, I get the message " TCOnow! for Disk could not be installed” Please advise.

A. You apparently experienced a communications problem while downloading/installing. However, the TCOnow! for Disk module may already be installed! To check this, open the CIOview Player, click "start a new project" and see if you are able to select a TCOnow! for Disk project. If so, then your install is complete and you may begin your TCOnow! project. If that is not the case, then you need to re-install TCOnow! for Disk.

Q. Can I output the report in PDF format?

A. Yes, you can choose to save both the full report and the Quickview 1-page report in either HTML or PDF format. From the main menu, select Report, Publish full report or Report, Publish Quickview. When the save dialog box appears, “Save as type” gives you two options, *.html and *.pdf. Select the option that you prefer there.

Q. When I create a Quickview report, I get the message, “Internet Explorer restricts this web page from running scripts or Active-X controls.” Why do you need scripts for this report?

A. The Quickview report is an interactive report when viewed in its native HTML format. That is, you can select an analysis type (for example, Total Cost or Initial Cost), and the corresponding data and charts will reflect your selection. You will need to enable javascript to be able to swap charts.

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