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Storage purchasing research is time consuming. CIOview can help.

To STaaS or not to STaaS?

On-premise Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a relatively new phenomena. What makes it different than public Cloud STaaS, if anything, and when does it make sense to deploy it?

Why On-Premise STaaS?

Unlike Cloud STaaS, even businesses without rapid growth can benefit from on-premise STaaS. Many companies will find value in the unique benefits STaaS has to offer, such as:

  • Capital savings-- becomes more important as interest rates go higher and the economy weakens.
  • Storage personnel savings--IBM takes care of break/fix operations which reduces employee burn out. For companies in a tight job market this is a key benefit.
  • Seasonal savings--seasonal storage demand is difficult to estimate and often reserved capacity errs on the conservative and therefore expensive side.
  • Service/ContractorSavings--commonly directly correlated with hardware and software storage expenditures. STaaS can reduce these costs substantially.
  • Capacity Planning Savings--capacity planning is complex and time consuming particularly for fast growing companies or ones with substantial seasonal demand.
  • Time to Market Savings--the time to get a new business initiative functioning often places IT in the position of scrambling to acquire and allocate new storage capacity.
  • Technology Refresh/Procurement Savings--the number of people and departments that have to sign-off on a new storage purchase can be daunting. It is much easier and quicker to get sign-off on a subscription model.
  • Over-Provisioning Savings--buying all capacity upfront avoids the hassle and delay of annual purchase approvals, but it has a downside of higher costs and lower utilization rates.

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