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Storage purchasing research is time consuming & difficult. On this page we are changing gears.

Tesla TCOgo! Beta (coming soon)

A project to create the most comprehensive TCO calculator for Tesla vehicles compared to internal combustion equivalents.

Galusha Ball (Tennis Dodge Ball)

Created on 5/6/2023 at Galusha Hill Farm Lodge, a corporate retreat in East Topsham Vermont.

Playing Procedures:

  1. Play will be 5 on 5, 6 on 6, or 7 on 7.
  2. Play is held within a single tennis court with perimeter walls/netting.
  3. The tennis net must be removed or laid flat on the ground.
  4. Players cannot have their feet cross the center line, but you can reach for balls near the center.
  5. Players are only able their tennis ball if they have one foot touching the tennis court itself (on or within the lines).
  6. Any player hit with a ball (shoulders or below) that is not caught or blocked is eliminated (regardless of their physical positioning).
  7. No intentional throws above the shoulders (accidental contact is invalid).
  8. Tennis balls cannot be stored in pockets and must be visible in a player’s hands.
  9. Blocking a tennis ball with a hand that is holding a tennis ball is a valid block. However, if the tennis ball that is used for a block falls out of the player's hands after contact that player is out.
  10. If a player throws a ball and it is caught by the opposing team that player is eliminated. In this circumstance, the team that caught the ball can revive a previously eliminated player (if applicable).
  11. A revived player has immunity until he or she touches the back wall/netting.
  12. No substitutions except for injuries.

Galusha Horseshoes (Polish Horshoes with KanJam)

Created on 5/6/2023 at Galusha Hill Farm Lodge, a corporate retreat in East Topsham Vermont.

Setup: Two-four Polish Horseshow kits (or ski poles) set into the ground 25 feet apart and bottles placed on top. The sets should be parallel to each other with 8-10 feet between sets. Place KanJam equidistant between the different Polish Horshoe sets. KanJam sets should be in line with the ski poles on each side.

Playing Procedures:

  1. Play will be 2 on 2 or 4 on 4.
  2. Each player stands next to their respective pole & bottle.
  3. Unlike traditional Polish Horseshoes, the aim is simply to eliminate the opposing team's players by making their bottles hit the ground. Either with direct contact with the bottle or a valid frisbee throw that hits the pole allowing the bottle to fall. No points will be awarded. The team with no bottles left loses.
  4. A valid throw must be above the minimum height line (usually marked on a set). Approximately 12 inches from the bottom of the pole.
  5. Only a player can protect his or her bottle (no team saves). This is done by catching the bottle before it hits the ground using one hand and/or his or her’s body.
  6. Illegal moves: catching a frisbee before it passes the pole or saving a bottle before the frisbee knocks it off. If an illegal move is made that player is eliminated.
  7. If a player accidentally knocks their own bottle to the ground they are still eliminated.
  8. There is a 10-second grace period allowed for players after they reset their bottle/pole after a successful bottle catch.
  9. An eliminated player can return to the game if he or she knocks a throw into the KanJam can. One eliminated player per KanJam set is allowed to be on “KanJam duty" at one time (attempting to be revived).
  10. Alternatively, if a frisbee shot is made into an opposing team's slot the shooting team can bring back an eliminated player (if applicable). No shot can be altered before it passes the front of the KanJam set or poles.
  11. Eliminate players are traditionally tasked with retrieving rogue frisbees for their teammates.

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