Research and Expertise

Storage purchasing research is time consuming. CIOview can help.

Conducting the research necessary to make a purchasing decision can be very time consuming. The process of reading through reviews, listening to the experience of colleagues, and trying to sift through the marketing materials can make it difficult to reach a clear decision. CIOview's software takes all of the pertinent industry information into account and applies it to your specific situation – giving you the most accurate analysis possible.

Over the past decade, CIOview's experts have developed and refined a comprehensive research methodology to effectively capture, characterize and present the details required for a full and effective ROI/TCO analysis. All data points, metrics and assumptions used in CIOview's financial assessments are validated against recognized industry proof points, benchmarks, real customer experiences, independent industry research and subject matter experts. This ensures that only credible information is used to create the financial basis of the overall ROI or TCO assessment.

The ROI and TCO tools are designed around CIOview's proprietary software and patent pending financial methodology, which applies unique ROI/TCO Cost Factor Methodology with intelligence gathered from across the industry about performance, availability, utilization, and other efficiency metrics and differentiators to express the financial impact of all those factors.

Outline of CIOview's Research Methodology

Data Collection:

  • Customer Interviews: A range of costs and benefits that customers experience when using the target technology solution
  • Business Partner Interviews: Deployment metrics and rollout data
  • Vendor Interviews: A breadth of data specific to a product or solution, including pricing, configuration, technical requirements, training options, etc. is required

Model Development: All the data collected from the multiple sources described above become the foundation of the ROI/TCOnow! tool. A comprehensive knowledgebase is created, then melded to the CIOview financial model and powerful inference engine

Testing and Evaluation: The tool is thoroughly tested to ensure accurate results and performance

Report Creation: A report template is created that contains the "white paper" content which translates the financial implications of the product, technology or solution into executive-level business language

Internationalization: International research is undertaken for any country- or region-specific version

Software Product: The final version is deployed for electronic delivery online

Web Updates: Updates to the research are provided continually and automatically to the end users

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