The Power of Data Storage Analysis Software

As a storage professional, how do you ensure each business group has the storage capacity, performance and uptime it needs at the lowest possible TCO? Often storage architects use some combination of complex spreadsheets, improvised reporting, and manually-intensive tracking tools. As a result, budgeting, capacity planning, and achieving the lowest TCO is an almost impossible task.

CIOview has created a series of software products that eliminate the drudgery of capacity planning and the complexity of generating the TCO of different storage options. Some CIOview products also provide performance information and advice. Imagine being able to modify your drive size or RAID/parity requirements and immediately see how the initial costs and TCO of any new storage system changes. What if you could adjust your storage growth assumptions and view how your system design and budget will be impacted? Or even see under what conditions a migration from conventional disk to Flash makes financial sense? You can rapidly explore all these ideas by using one of CIOview’s storage analysis products. Data storage analysis software has never been simpler or more powerful.

Our focus is financial and performance analysis of data storage technologies, so why the wind turbines? Well, power consumption can be a significant factor in the total cost of your storage system. Consider that a popular storage array generates more than 2,000 metric tons of carbon over four years, while a flash system produces less than one-fifth of that. Carbon costs are just one item of many that we take into account in determining the total cost of owning your data storage system. With our TCOnow! and ROInow! products, you have the power of these details, and hundreds more, at your fingertips.

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Full Report

CIOview's software automatically generates a robust 55+ page business case. For the financial people, it includes cost factor breakdown. For the technical people, it includes a complete break-down of deployment. With a tool this powerful, you can give everyone the information they want…and look great doing it.


QuickView analysis is a revolutionary program created by CIOview to help you make rapid, and yet fully informed decisions about how to best spend your storage budget. You can now attack the decision-making process head-on, armed with the information you need to make the most optimal long-term decisions. Evaluating technology initiatives has never been easier.


CIOview's software creates a compelling PowerPoint presentation. It is designed not only to be powerful both technically and financially, but also easily digestable. This is made possible by combining company specific information with our industry knowledge. The resulting report analyzes the return on investment or total cost of ownership for your business-situation completely customized to you.

What If?

Having sophisticated “what-if” analysis means that you can change annual storage growth, drive capacity, or any major assumption. Financial people can change items such as: depreciation, cost of capital, corporate tax rate, and immediately see the impact on financial results. All this helps identify which variables are the ones responsible for driving the majority of your costs. No one should underestimate the power of “what-if” in the world of data storage.

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