What is TCOnow! for Tape

TCOnow! for Tape will help you decide the most economical solution for long-term data retention. TCOnow! for Tape asks all the necessary questions to generate a personalized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison. TCOnow! shrinks a typical multi-week disk analysis project into a matter of hours. This accelerated analysis is made possible because CIOview's software is packed with data and algorithms on tape systems, tape media, advanced functions, and management software. If you want to avoid being hit by hidden fees and upgrade costs, then this is the product for you!

TCOnow! for Tape allows you to design and compare the True or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the following tape-focused customer scenarios:

  • New hybrid IBM Tape and IBM FlashSystem compared to a new competitor's tape system.
  • New hybrid IBM Tape and IBM FlashSystem compared to a new competitor's scale out array (NetApp or Dell EMC Isilon).
  • New hybrid IBM Tape and IBM FlashSystem versus an existing disk array.
  • New IBM Tape system (TS3500, TS4500 or TS7700) compared to a new competitor's tape system from EMC, Oracle or SpectraLogic.
  • New IBM Tape system compared to a new competitor's scale out array from NetApp or Dell EMC Isilon.
  • An existing disk array (from EMC, HPE, Hitachi, IBM or NetApp), with a new IBM Tape system added and used for storage growth versus an existing disk array from EMC, HPE, Hitachi, IBM or NetApp.
  • A new IBM Virtual Tape system, either standalone or attached to a new IBM Tape system, compared to a competitor's scaleout array or tape system.

People are saying. . .

“The role of tape seems obvious-you use it when you are done with the data and do not plan or needing it ever again. With PB of tape we knew the economics, but with the possibility of flash and tape working together this has changed everything. Now our tape is on the front-line and we were able to show our administration that Tape was no longer just an archival medium. Without TCOnow! there would be no easy way to show a non-technical audience how the economics of storage have changed.”
- University

“A significant Tape purchase is something you have to live with for a very long time. Without TCOnow! we might have just gone the obvious way. Instead, we were able to justify mainframe quality drives, an open systems gateway, plus we have 25% of our stuff on flash. This is not where any of us thought we would end up.”
- Research Institute

“We consider ourselves to be pretty tape savvy, but in the end TCOnow! made us think about some design issues that otherwise may never have come up. It did not change our decision in the end, but it did highlight some factors we would not have otherwise considered and our final decision is bullet-proof and well documented.”
- Financial Services

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