What is TCOnow! for Flash

Many storage architects wonder what kind of performance improvement they can realistically expect from flash storage, and how much more it will cost. For the first time, a detailed comparison is possible by simply spending 10-15 minutes answering the questions posed by TCOnow! for Flash. Using a combination of empirical data and sophisticated modeling, TCOnow! automatically generates a detailed business case report with the performance and cost data needed to make the optimal storage purchase decision.

This accelerated analysis is made possible because TCOnow! contains state-of-the-art performance models, innovative new storage workload design models, plus the design rules and pricing data for more than 100 different arrays. In addition, a country- and region-specific cost database is included for items such as rent, electricity, employee benefits, tax rates, etc. As a result, TCOnow! provides a default answer for every question posed during the performance and TCO analysis, and an easy way to change each response if you have empirical information available. Combining TCOnow's performance model, with its database of costs and its sophisticated inferencing engine, means once you have completed your preliminary assessment you have access to a series of "what if" analysis options. Now, you can test what level of short stroking would be required to meet your performance needs, and what the cost would be compared to an all-flash or hybrid solution. Even the performance and cost of different drive and RAID options can be rapidly analyzed.

TCOnow! for Flash allows you to design and compare the performance as well as the True or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of two quite different customer scenarios: an "existing storage environment to a new one" where you compare FlashSystem to a conventional array, or a "new to new" situation such as an IBM FlashSystem versus Dell EMC XtremIO. In a "new to new" comparison, the IBM solution can be a pure IBM FlashSystem, or a FlashSystem hybrid. Either of these can then be compared to new flash products or conventional arrays from EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett-Packard, NetApp, Violin Memory and Pure Storage. In the case of an "existing to a new" storage solution the existing system can be any conventional array from IBM, EMC, HPE, NetApp and Hitachi compared to a new IBM FlashSystem or FlashSystem hybrid.

TCOnow! shrinks a typical multi-week disk analysis project into a matter of hours. This accelerated analysis is made possible because CIOview's software is packed with data and algorithms on disk arrays, flash drives, advanced functions, and management software. If you want to avoid being hit by hidden fees and disk.

Arrays supported for new purchase analysis

  • DELL EMC XtremIO Family
  • HDS VSP All Flash
  • HDS HUS VM All Flash
  • HPEE 3PAR 20000 StoreServ
  • HPEE 3PAR 8000 StoreServ
  • IBM FlashSystem A9000 Series
  • IBM FlashSystem V9000 Series
  • IBM FlashSystem 900 Series
  • IBM DS8888 Series
  • Pure Storage FlashArray m-series
  • Pure Storage FA-400 Series
  • NetApp EF560 Flash
  • Violin Memory 7000 Series

Additional arrays supported for migration planning

  • DELL EMC Clariion Series
  • DELL EMC VMAX Series
  • DELL EMC VMAX 10/20/40K
  • DELL EMC Symmetrix DMX
  • HDS USP Series
  • HDS AMS Series
  • HPEE 3PAR F/T/V Series
  • HPEE EVA Series
  • IBM nSeries
  • IBM DS8100/8300/8700/8800/8870
  • NetApp FAS Series

People are saying. . .

“Using TCOnow! for Flash we were able to model the performance and financial cost of a new business initiative when all we had was the number of servers attached, level of concurrency and the amount of storage the business unit thinks they need. This eliminated the guesswork and help us show the finance group which variables are really driving this purchase.”
- Manufacturing

“We wanted to give senior management a new level of performance for their email, but that did not mean spending at all costs. TCOnow! for Flash allowed us to model a VDI environment from both a performance and TCO perspective and in a couple of hours we narrowed it down to two possible Flash options and supported it with a 25-page report .”
- Gas Utility

“We are a long-time Dell EMC customer and we were all ready to go with their solution until our business partner did a TCO analysis. We ended up saving a significant amount and at the same time learned more about Dell EMC performance than we ever imagined.”
- European Bank

“We were in a rush to get something deployed and get a better sense of what Flash might do to improve our server performance and reduce our Oracle licensing costs. We had no idea that TCOnow! for Flash would allow us to do this. No-one else has a model like this and our license savings will more than pay for our Flash storage.”
- Money Center Bank