Should Consolidate Your Storage, and If So, What Storage Array You Should Use?

TCOnow! for Enterprise Storage will help you decide whether and how to consolidate your existing direct attached storage as well as any existing EMC, HDS, IBM, or other Fibre Channel arrays. TCOnow! for Enterprise Storage asks all the necessary questions to generate a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison for consolidating one to ten heterogeneous storage silos into an enterprise SAN. You can compare acquisition and operational costs alone or including SAN switches and directors, storage virtualization, even data recovery software.

TCOnow! shrinks a typical multi-week disk analysis project into a matter of hours. This accelerated analysis is made possible because CIOview's software is packed with data and algorithms on disk arrays, hard drives, advanced functions, and management software. If you want to avoid being hit by hidden fees and disk upgrade costs, then this is the product for you!

Example Supported Arrays

  • IBM XIV Series
  • IBM nSeries
  • IBM DS4000/5000/6000
  • IBM DS8000/8700/8800
  • IBM DS8870
  • IBM Storwize Series
  • DELL EMC VNX Series
  • DELL EMC Clariion Series
  • DELL EMC Symmetrix Series

  • DELL EMC DMX Series
  • DELL EMC VMAX Series
  • HPE 3PAR Series
  • HPE EVA Series
  • HPE MSA Series
  • HDS Thunder/Lightning Series
  • HDS TagmaStore Series
  • HDS VSP Series
  • NetApp FAS Series

People are saying. . .

“Knowing which storage groups were the best bet for moving to a new environment was tricky because we had the option to combine them in many different ways. Using TCOnow! for Enterprise Storage not only changed our minds about what the priority should be, it gave us a chance to really understand which storage groups were driving our costs. This led to some major changes to our internal pricing as well as staffing decisions.”
- Engineering

“Space and power was our main challenge. We had $30 million to address this and then without any warning our budget was slashed to $22 million. Naturally, management wanted the same savings. Meanwhile no-one seemed to know what the power or even the floor space needs were of our current storage. Using TCOnow! we figured this out in a matter of minutes and we could make the case for reinstating some of our lost budget.”
- Oil and Chemicals

“Being able to document the financial cost of up to ten different storage groups in a business as usual scenario for the next three or four years would have meant a great deal of work before we used TCOnow! We have an environment of shifting management priorities and too often we are asked to evaluate different IT scenarios only we know that management will not act on 90% of them. However, that does not get us off the hook of having to come up with a great deal of documentation for their review. The overhead of “paralysis by analysis” was very real, but now e can run all kinds of scenarios very quickly, automatically generate a detailed report and keep management at bay.”
- European Bank

“We were in a rush to get something deployed and get a better sense of what Flash might do to improve our server performance and reduce our Oracle licensing costs. We had no idea that TCOnow! for Flash would allow us to do this. No-one else has a model like this and our license savings will more than pay for our Flash storage.”
- Publisher

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