What is the True Cost per Terabyte of Disk?

TCOnow! for Disk

TCOnow! for Disk is designed for storage architects to compare the initial costs and TCO of the most popular arrays from EMC, IBM, HPE, NetApp and Hitachi. By answering a limited number of questions, TCOnow! will generate a detailed assessment for purchasing a new disk array or consolidating an existing disk array. You can make a comparison with and without advanced function software such as point in time copy, remote copy, performance analysis, storage area network (SAN) management, and even mainframe optimization.

TCOnow! for Disk shrinks a typical multi-week storage analysis project into a matter of hours. This accelerated analysis is made possible because CIOview's software is packed with data and algorithms on hundreds of disk arrays, hard drives, advanced functions, and management software. If you want to avoid being hit by hidden costs and undisclosed disk upgrade costs, then this is the product for you!

Arrays supported for new purchase analysis

  • DELL EMC VNX Series
  • DELL EMC VMAX3 Series
  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ Series
  • HPE XP7
  • IBM DS8880
  • IBM Storwize Series
  • NetApp FAS Series

Additional arrays supported for migration planning

  • DELL EMC Clariion Series
  • DELL EMC VMAX Series
  • DELL EMC DMX Series
  • HDS USP Series
  • HDS AMS Series
  • HPE 3PAR F/T/V Series
  • HPE EVA Series
  • IBM nSeries
  • IBM DS8100/8300/8700/8800/8870
  • NetApp FAS Series

People are saying. . .

“No-one really ever knew how much real estate and power our Dell EMC VMAX’s were taking up until we used TCOnow! Now it’s obvious we have to do something.”
- Aerospace

“There is no place where all of the system design rules of the popular arrays are combined with each vendors pricing and a what-if analysis option that lets you have a transparent understanding of what each vendor is offering. TCOnow! allowed us to see the emperor without clothes and it wasn’t pretty!”
- Insurance

“The stakes are very high when it comes to drug development, but that does not mean we can just afford to throw dollars at our storage. TCOnow! has a sophisticated sizing and performance model that is invaluable in the drug discovery process.”
- Pharmaceutical

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