Gain Access to TCOnow! Modules

CIOview is the industry leader in validating the financial value proposition of specific IT solutions and creating financial assessment tools that allow organizations to conduct personalized financial impact assessments for themselves.

CIOview is the choice of IT managers worldwide for its depth of technical knowledge, implementation experience, and exacting financial metrics in evaluating information technology. CIOview’s business modeling tools help senior managers make level-headed decisions about technology intended to improve their business’s performance, ensuring that they align their technology purchases with their business goals.

CIOview’s flagship product line, TCOnow!, is used by thousands of companies and organizations in over fifty countries. CIOview’s tools evaluate broad technologies such as storage, as well as providing specific value propositions for the solutions of numerous IT industry leaders, including IBM, Microsoft, HP, NetApp and EMC.

How to begin:

  • The CIOview Player is the software engine that drives all CIOview's TCOnow! content codules. The CIOview Playerc is free, and it is required to run any CIOview product.  Download the CIOview Player now.
  • Install the Player, and register using your business email address. Via email, you will get an email confirmation which requires a reply.
  • Launch the CIOview Player, click "Browse for Available Content Modules," and select the TCOnow! content module that fits your analysis.

Decide which TCOnow! module will provide the analysis you need:

  • TCOnow! for Disk: compare a new IBM array (such as Storwize), to a new or existing array from EMC, HP, HDS or NetApp.
  • TCOnow! for Flash: compare an all-flash or hybrid-flash IBM FlashSystem, to new all-flash storage from EMC, NetApp, HDS, HP, Violin Memory or Pure Storage. You can also compare an new IBM FlashSystem to an existing conventional array from EMC, HDS, HP or NetApp.
  • TCOnow! for Tape: will help you decide the most economical solution for long-term data retention.
  • TCOnow! for Enterprise Flash: analyze the performance and TCO implications of consolidating up to 10 storage groups, into as few as one flashSystem, including if you wish, some or all of the existing storage infrastructure.
  • TCOnow! for Spectrum Scale : model all elastic storage and cloud costs to ensure a fair comparison to a conventional storage solution or another elastic or cloud storage offering.

Some helful tips to get started:

  • You can start a new project, by clicking File, New. You can also save a project (it will end in *.cioproject) and work on it later, email it to someone else, or open it later to work on it again.
  • For navigating through the project, we suggest you click the animated green arrows in the upper right hand corner. You can also switch from tab to tab, but it is better to undertake a project sequentially and make sure you don't miss a page by using the green arrows.
  • There are "helpful hints" - many of them are dynamic - under the question marks which can be useful if you have a question.
  • The worksheet links, under the "Details" column to the right hand side of many questions, bring you to greater detail about the question associated with it. There is a LOT of information in those details pages and providing empirical information will increase the accuracy of your performance and TCO analysis!
  • Every "answer" has a default. If you don't know a specific answer, keep the default so that you can progress in your analysis. You can always go back and update it.
  • If you change a default answer, the font shows as bold. You can right-click on the cell in question to return to the default if you wish.

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