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How Does CIOview Simplify IT Purchasing?

CIOview has made revolutionary advances in the IT purchasing world through the creation of our range of solutions. We simplify IT purchasing by offering software tools, SnapShots, and White Papers.

Software - CIOview's software creates a financial and technical business case. The business case is automatically generated by combining company specific information with our industry knowledge. The resulting report analyzes the return on investment or total cost of ownership for your business situation - completely customized to you. Learn more about our product families.

SnapShots - SnapShots are a condensed version of our software. Offered through the web, SnapShots utilize the same information-rich technology as our software tools, but in a quick and less detailed format. The business case produced is limited to one page, compared to the 30+ pages created with the software. They may be used as sales leads, or as a way to get a taste of our software offerings. View our available SnapShots.

White Papers - As experts in IT purchasing, we also create White Papers which are available through our website. They cover range of topics from How to Do ROI, to Extending the Lifecycle of a CIO and everything in between . The white papers are offered free of charge to all registered members. View our White Papers.