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What's the Difference Between SecurityNOW! SX and SecurityNOW! Professional?

SecurityNOW! Features and Functions
SecurityNOW! SX
SecurityNOW! Professional
A complete security checklist you can easily share within your organization
Accelerated analysis process with default data already provided
Accessible analysis for security experts and novices alike with helpful hints for each question
Objective security assessment using a commonly accepted security testing methodology
Customized Risk Assessment Value (RAV) Based on your unique security profile
Loss calculator to estimate the financial impact of security breaches
A forecast of how your security and risk profile change over time
A graphical representation tying discrete security decisions to financial costs and benefits
What-If analysis to estimate the Return On Security Investment (ROSI) for new security and risk management initiatives
5 MB of security data asnd risk modeling delivered to your desktop
Automatic updates of all security data and modeling techniques
Collaborate with coworkers on company security and risk profile
Free to download and use
One-click ability to import the results of a network port or vulnerability detection scan
Seamless integration with a security audit including the ability to directly enter audit results
Actual validated data providing a higher level of certainty in your results
Publish an audit report detailing your security and risk profile with one click
Organizational consensus accelerated by a comprehensive financial and business case report
Share your customized security and risk profile report with colleagues
Get your free copy of SecurityNOW! SX and carry out your own security self-assessment in 30 minutes or less
Purchase a copy of SecurityNOW! Professional and improve your security auditing productivity by 90% or more