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Don't wait until it's too late, get your SecurityNOW!

According to the University of Texas School of Management, security incidents could cost your organization $2.9 million simply in the five minutes it takes to read this page and download SecurityNOW! The cost of a security self-assessment with SecurityNOW! is $0 -- unfortunately the cost of a security incident is not. Now you have access to SecurityNOW!, a totally new way of assessing your IT security level and discovering the financial impact new security initiatives will have.

SecurityNOW! SX key features:

  • Dynamic Interview process dramatically shortens the time to complete your objective security self-assessment
  • Institute for Security and Open Methodology (ISECOM) Seal of Approval guarantees that your security analysis uses a consistent, open framework
  • Default Data and Helpful Hints provide an accelerated, accessible analysis and help you identify key factors affecting your operational security
  • Risk Assessment Value (RAV) Generator gets your organization focused on how to identify and neutralize security threats and improve risk management policies
  • Risk Forecasting visually shows how your security degrades over time
  • What-If? Analysis to calculate the financial implications of changing risk management strategies
  • Return On Security Investment (ROSI) Analyzer to estimate the financial costs and benefits of a variety of new security initiatives

SecurityNOW! draws on CIOview's experience as the leading vendor of ROI and TCO software as well as ISECOM's well-respected security testing methodology to provide you with a comprehensive, easy way to get a better understanding of your IT security. Whether you are an IT security expert or a novice, SecurityNOW! generates the financial analysis you need to plan your future security strategies.

Best of all, SecurityNOW! SX is absolutely free. Get your copy.
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SecurityNOW! Professional: Improve IT Security Audit Productivity by 90%

SecurityNOW! Professional builds upon the feature set of SecurityNOW! SX, and empowers you to create an effective, actionable business case for investing in your security infrastructure. SecurityNOW! Professional means that you can:
  • Reduce the time to deliver an audit report from weeks to days;
  • Integrate with the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual to standardize and simplify security auditing;
  • Import the results of a network port or vulnerability detection scan, allowing you to base your analysis on validated data;
  • Automatically generate a business case detailing your current security and risk profile, forecasted security over time, and the financial implications of any new security initiatives and policies;
  • Enhance a security audit by directly entering verified audit results and publishing a certified audit report.

SecurityNOW! Professional is ideal for security consultants, trained security auditors, and IT professionals responsible for their organization's security. SecurityNOW! Professional provides you with the ability to easily use verified and validated data to create a true security self-assessment. Whether you are analyzing your own infrastructure or auditing another organization, SecurityNOW! Professional provides a consistent framework for analysis that improves audit productivity. Once you have completed your analysis, Automatic Report Generation and Audit Enhancement help you deliver a financial business case for security investment at your or your client's organization. Best yet, SecurityNOW! Professional can be used in conjunction with free SecurityNOW! SX, so you can collaborate on projects with your colleagues and clients.

SecurityNOW! Professional is sold in the CIOview store, and is priced at $3,999 for a 12-month license. Other license terms are available. More info. Have a specific question? Contact CIOview.

What's the difference? Here's a comparison of SecurityNOW! SX and SecurityNOW! Professional.