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About Us


Fact Sheet

Mission: CIOview delivers business value modeling tools that simplify the process of making well-informed information technology buying decisions. CIOview's products help companies align their technology acquisitions with their business goals.
Founded: 1997
Products: ROInow! Consultant: an easy-to-use tool to perform an ROI analysis on any IT project

ROInow! product family: knowledge-based tools to analyze the costs and benefits of a planned IT project

TCOnow! product family: inference-engine driven tools to compare complete costs of alternative IT solutions

Number of models built: 50+
Number of products sold: Over 25,000
Internationalization: US, Europe, UK, Japan, China, France, Germany, Australia
CIOview team: CIOview's experienced staff includes business/financial analysts, technology analysts, customer support technicians, and software developers.
Customers: CIOview customers are technology consumers, including Fortune 100 companies, large- and medium-size businesses, government agencies, universities and non-profit organizations. In addition, CIOview products are used as a consultative tool by many information technology vendors, systems integrators and consultants.