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Letter from the President

Today's business environment is challenging and unpredictable. From a technology perspective, it is almost impossible for CFOs and CIOs to know where to invest scarce financial resources. In response, CIOview Corp. has developed a series of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) software tools to help CFOs and CIOs reduce their IT operating cost structure.

Each one of CIOview's products is designed to address a specific IT challenge such as:

  • What is the optimal data storage solution for your company?
  • Which computer platform is best suited for your ERP/CRM system?
  • What work is ideally suited for Linux, and what is not?
  • How can you reduce your costs associated with your web site?
  • What can you do to reduce your costs associated with homegrown applications?

By answering these seemingly simple questions using the CIOview framework, companies will be able to shave millions of dollars off their annual IT budgets.

CIOview's software tools take the user through a structured interview process, not unlike the format of Intuit's Turbo Tax. Bolstered by a sophisticated inferencing engine and default data from world-class consulting organizations, CFOs and CIOs alike will be able to generate a business case to answer challenging IT issues in approximately one hour. Upon completion of each analysis, CIOview's software automatically generates a 70+ page report detailing your results as well as all of your assumptions. In addition, each product has a substantial "what-if" capability to allow CIOs and IT personnel to vary major technical assumptions such as partitioning, clustering, expected growth, use of a SAN, etc. and immediately see the impact on the total cost of your operations. The same "what-if" feature lets CFOs simply adjust financial factors including discount rate, depreciation method, cost of capital, anticipated overages, and much more.

For the first time, CFOs and CIOs have software tools that show the link between their technology infrastructure and their IT operating costs. Changes to the infrastructure can be modeled easily and the financial implications become obvious immediately.

Most companies have invested heavily in their technology infrastructure in the past few years; now is the time to rationalize it.

Scott McCready