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About Us


IT Analysis and Capacity Planning

CIOview provides a portfolio of software models that allow IT professionals to determine their optimal IT infrastructure. Your ideal platform and configuration is highly workload dependant, which is why CIOview's products are designed around the concept of analyzing a specific IT scenario. CIOview has dozens of software models for projects as diverse as determining the optimal system platform and resources for SAP or comparing the financial implications of different Windows server consolidation strategies.

Focusing on very specific IT situations lets CIOview provide enormous amounts of default data for server performance, pricing, software costs, partitioning and clustering possibilities, etc. This focused approach ensures that our software models solve your problem at hand. At the same time, the user experience is exactly the same for all of our different models, maximizing your productivity.

IT professionals can now complete a detailed side-by-side comparison of the technical implications and financial costs of one platform compared to another in less than one hour.

CIOview products are unique. They are the only software models that:

  • Provide as much as 20 MB of default data to eliminate the manual collection of information
  • Include a sophisticated system configuration capability allowing you to see the financial implications of different system designs
  • Utilize a Point and Click what-if analysis ensuring that the financial implications of changing system resources are obvious
  • Deliver capacity planning features so you see the implications of different growth scenarios
  • Offer financial modeling options for business analysts
  • Automatically generate a 5-10 page business case report complete with a 40-90 page project budget detailing all of your assumptions
CIOview software helps you focus your efforts on analyzing your technical and financial options. For the first time, you can show financial people how technical nuances impact bottom line results.